Five Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed in Franklin County

Franklin County – The updated totals from the Virginia Department of Health show five Coronavirus cases in Franklin County.

No information was available on the individual cases as of Sunday morning.

Cases are expected to spike over the next 2-3 weeks as social distancing measures continue in the town of Rocky Mount and across Franklin County.

Virginia now has 890 reported cases of COVID-19. So far, 22 people in Virginia have died from the virus.

8 thoughts on “Five Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed in Franklin County

  1. I think they should Quarantine everyone to their homes cause people think this stuff is a joke and think it’s funny when it’s not I’m pregnant and I stay home cause I don’t wanna get it and my man works at plygem a window factory with 500+ people and I’m worried he’s gonna bring it home with him no one is doing the social distancing they just don’t care and think this stuff is all a game and a joke

  2. Rocky Mount isn’t shouting down. There is a park by my house and people go there all the time and let their children play.

    1. Until it hits home, I mean REALLY hits home,the people will still act as business as usual. It’s a shame to be so ignorant when you see and hear all the warnings, yet you continue with life as usual. I do hope you enjoy your unprotected, no mask,no glove wearing day. And continue buying all the hay and pine straw and plants that you need. Because of course that 2×4-12 is ESSENTIAL! Smh

  3. I hear families are going to the stores, including the RM Walmart. People, if you need to shop for essentials, one person can do the shopping trip. ONE!!! I wish the stores were enforcing this!

  4. There were 5 cases reported in Franklin County Penn. could this be a mistake. Haven’t received any info from the COVD task force about this.

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