Our Winter Storm is moving in, friends! It’s very cold and bone dry at the surface with temps only in the lower 20’s and dew points in the single digits. That means that we will get even COLDER once the snow starts falling anytime now through 7-9 a.m. Once the snow starts, it will STICK FAST, making for VERY DANGEROUS ROADS.

A lot of talk has been going around about the potential for an ice storm and sleet — and yes — we will see ice across Southside and most of us will get a period of sleet early this afternoon into the evening — that will cut down totals some, BUT the entire morning should be HEAVY SNOW.

The dynamics with this storm are impressive. That means a huge temperature contrast aloft, lots of wind – some of that will reach the surface via 40 mph gusts with the precip into tonight — and a ton of upper level energy.

The morning will start with dry, fluffy snow that should pile up fast. We will transition to a heavy, wet snow by lunchtime that will also be very heavy.

To put it simply: it will POUR DOWN SNOW ALL MORNING for most of us. Most of what you see on the map comes down through early afternoon.

The sleet and freezing rain will be the part of the storm we snow lovers hate, but it’s going to happen. Especially east of the Blue Ridge.

Closer to Roanoke and to the west, there may be some sleet, but I’m still not convinced it lasts too long to really affect your totals too much.

The orange dashed line represents where I think the majority of the sleet will move in after 2 p.m. lasting into the evening for some.

Another thing has been ignored with this storm: THE UPPER LEVEL LOW. It will spin in aloft tonight from the south, and we will see precip change back over to snow. It may not fall as heavy, but light to moderate snow area-wide could add 1-2″, maybe 3″ of accumulation early tonight. If that happens, you’ll be near the high end of the ranges I have here.

If the morning snow is all you see, you’ll be closer to the lower end of the ranges EAST of the Blue Ridge. WEST of the Blue Ridge, we have a second upper level disturbance coming in with areas of snow well into Monday morning with additional amounts of 1-2″ in spots. Flurries and snow showers may spill over Monday for the rest of us as strong winds over 30-40 mph knock down trees and make driving difficult — you should not travel during the storm. Have a kit of blankets, food, power banks, water, flashlights, extra clothes, pillows, if you dare travel now through Monday morning.

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Meteorologist Jamey Singleton