Rain with Icy Patches Monday! Burst of Snow Possible Wednesday Morning

LIght freezing rain starts by 1 a.m. as temps drop into the upper 20’s to around 30. The amounts will be light for the most part, but remember it only takes a little to cause problems.

Freezing rain is preip that falls as liquid and freezes AFTER hitting the surface, forming a slick glaze. It is the most dangerous type of precip to travel on. I’m mainly worried about the morning commute in the morning. Heavier rain will be developing in the afternoon and lasting into the evening but temps will be warming. Some spots just east of the mountains could see the colder air hang on into the afternoon.

Meteorologist Jamey Singleton

Clouds, fog and drizzle today with highs only around 45. Partly sunny Tuesday with a few isolated showers possible, then clear for Wednesday and Thursday as temperatures warm. A front moves in late Friday into early Saturday with areas of rain.