Our easterly wind continues for our Thursday with relatively comfortable air for this time of the year but with a few pop-up showers and storms firing up due to the strong mid-August sun angle and some low level moisture.

A warm front moves in ahead of digging upper energy to the west for the weekend that will open up the Gulf of Mexico for business and give us better rain and storm chances Friday afternoon and evening into Saturday and Sunday.

At the same time, high pressure will also become more pronounced off of the SE Coast. We call this feature a “Bermuda High” and you’ve probably heard that phrase before as it’s a staple of summer in our area this time of the year (except for this week so far).

The Bermuda High takes the wind around it and moves it clockwise, while the jet stream off to the west digs down and gives an overall counter-clockwise flow. The end result is deeper moisture throughout a larger part of the atmosphere, so expect numerous showers and scattered storms into Sunday.

Monday may be most active as the energy out west pushes a cold front east over the area with heavy storms likely if trends continue.

I think the front itself will pass through the area, but there will still be some upper air energy trying to carve out a long-wave dip over us at the jet stream level. As a result, I have more sun next Tuesday and Wednesday behind the front, but have included a 30% chance of a shower both days mainly in the afternoon and evening hours.

Highs stay below normal through the weekend and may warm to more seasonable levels next week. At least there aren’t any 90’s on the forecast. It may stay that way for a while, too!

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