Graham Nash Show at Harvester Moved to November 7, Other Shows Will Go On… For Now…

ROCKY MOUNT – From the Harvester Performance Center:

The Graham Nash show scheduled for March 14th has been rescheduled for November 7 , 2020.  This show was a sell out, please hold on to your tickets they will be honored on the new date.  For refunds for this show, please send your information to [email protected]

“We have been in close contact with our concert promoters and they, in turn, have been in contact with their local authorities. We have collectively determined that it is in the best interest of our audience and ourselves to postpone the next few weeks of my tour dates until the present health crisis has abated. I encourage my audience to be vigilant in caring for themselves and their loved ones,” Nash said.

As of this writing, other shows at the Harvester are planned to go on as scheduled, but that may change depending on each artists’ preference and what, if any guidelines come down from the health department or Commonwealth of Virginia.

“We still have events on our schedule and I am aware that some of our patrons have interpreted that as indifference to the situation. I can assure you that we are as concerned as the rest of our community. This is an unprecedented event in which we have tried to respond prudently but without panic as the situation evolves,
“We had over 25 events scheduled within a three-week period as such, we legally must have the artists’ consent to stop/change an event. It takes time for businesses to respond and reroute. We have been working furiously over the past several days to postpone as many events as possible, including those postponed in the last 24 hours. Anyone holding tickets to a postponed show has the option to keep the seat for the new date, or receive a refund, as has always been our policy.
Please see our website and social media. ,

“The Harvester Performance Center team is dealing with the ripple effect of this crisis. We work so hard for the Harvester to be your happy place, the place you can come to escape the stress and worry of the world for a couple of hours. While I know this is a small concern in the larger scope of the current situation, we look forward to the day it can be that again for our friends,” the Harvester said in an e-mail Friday.

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