Witness to Gretna Shooting Describes the Heartbreak in What She Saw, Heard

The following is what a witness to Wednesday’s murder-suicide in Gretna says she saw and heard. Cable 12 told the witness we would protect her identity. Warning: Some of the subject matter may be disturbing.

“…coming out of DQ [Dairy Queen]…was standing in front of my vehicle when we saw a silver car rolling backwards down across [Route] 40 into the brick house across the road..,

Responding Fire

“A police officer was in the drive thru and when we pulled off to leave I hear she hollered at him to please help her… her husband shot her and then himself…,

“When the car stopped across the road, police, fire and ambulance (sic) came in from everywhere and I saw a police woman get the boy out and another policeman put on gloves…. and got (sic) the gun,

“Then they covered the car with a tarp, so we knew they were dead… so sad and heartbreaking.”

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