Franklin Co. Sheriff’s Department Releases Statement on Michael Brown Arrest

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department responded last week to news reports that stated murder suspect Michael Brown was hiding in a compartment in an RV that police tore open and searched in Roanoke.

“We have been aware of that rumor since Brown was arrested. We have been investigating that information and cannot confirm that Brown was in the RV at the time. We are currently unaware of any surveillance video from the impound lot in Roanoke. This is an ongoing criminal investigation and we will continue to investigate any new information that becomes available.

The search for Brown started back on November 9 when he was accused of shooting and killing his mother’s boyfriend Rodney Brown at his home in Hardy. Michael Brown, a marine, reportedly left his post in October. Brown was later arrested following an extensive two-week search by local, state and federal authorities at the same home where he allegedly shot Rodney Brown.

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