Franklin County Becomes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

ROCKY MOUNT – The Franklin County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in support of a resolution declaring Franklin County a 2nd Amendment sanctuary Tuesday.

Cars pack the Franklin County Administration Building parking lot Tuesday as a vote to make Franklin County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary was passed. Photo: Tom Houston.

While the resolution doesn’t hold any legal power over any upcoming state laws, the resolution is a statement of support of citizen’s gun rights and is designed to send a message to Richmond lawmakers, county officials told Cable 12.

The vote passed 7-0.

Hundreds of supporters jam-packed the county administration building along with the parking lot, where cars overflowed along the entrance and the nearby Shewels parking lot.

The Town of Rocky Mount passed a similar motion last week.

County officials will speak further on the resolution and other happenings at Tuesday’s meeting Wednesday morning starting at 7 a.m. on Cable 12’s Rise and Shine program.

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