Hospital Employees Attend Active Shooter Class

ROCKY MOUNT – The Franklin County Sheriff’s Department recently gave an active shoot class, called CRASE to Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital staff.

The CRASE class (Citizen’s Response to an Active Shooter Event) emphasizes the importance of an immediate and fast response to the active shooter or shooters.

People are now encouraged to defend against the threat, despite the danger, so that more lives can be saved. It’s a change in what used to be taught in years past. More and more law enforcement agencies across the country have are giving similar training classes as active shooter events continue.

Locally, the classes have been in high demand since Sheriff Overton brought the course to the public.

“We have been training businesses, civic groups, churches and groups of individuals. this is a community outreach we are passionate about.”

If your group would like to schedule a CRASE class, contact outreach coordinator H.L. Nolen at 540-483-3000 or e-mail him at [email protected] .

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