Rocky Mount Man Arrested For Firing Gun at Tire in Road Rage Incident

BOONES MILL – A Rocky Mount man was arrested Sunday after investigators say he fired a shot at a woman’s tire, flattening it, on Route 220 in Boones Mill.

Micheal Hollaway, 33, of Rocky Mount, was arrested for shooting into an occupied vehicle — a felony — April 26.

The female victim was travelling north with her 4-year-old and a male friend when a black SUV with tinted windows stopped suddenly in front of her in the right lane. The woman moved into the left lane to avoid hitting the SUV. The SUV then moved in front of and behind the woman’s vehicle, investigators said.

The victims said there was a white woman driving the SUV and a black man in the passenger seat. Another man was in the rear seat.

The man in the passenger seat pulled out a gun and shot the tire out of the woman’s vehicle.

Investigators were able to use security camera footage to figure out the SUV was a Nissan.

Rocky Mount Police officers later found the SUV at a local business the same day around 1 p.m.

Holloway was released on $2,500 bond.

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