Agreements Facilitate Transfer of Virginia Western Students to Two Popular Bachelor’s Degree Programs at Ferrum College

Ferrum, Va. (March 28, 2019) – Ferrum College and Virginia Western Community College (VWCC) signed agreements of articulation today to facilitate the transfer of students from two VWCC programs to related bachelor’s degree natural science programs at Ferrum College. These include the new VWCC Associate degree in Agriculture, which will transfer to the Ferrum College Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Sciences, with an emphasis in Animal Science, Agribusiness, Agronomy, Horticulture, or Equine Science. Additionally, the long-standing VWCC Western Integrated Environmental Studies program will now transfer to Ferrum College’s Environmental Science and Environmental Studies programs.

“We are proud to partner with Virginia Western Community College and provide a pathway to the bachelor degree for students in agriculture and environmental science. Both of our institutions are committed to preparing women and men who are ready to take the lead in building the future in these important industries,” said Ferrum College President David Johns. “Every student in Ferrum College’s natural sciences programs receives hands on experience in small classes guided by dynamic faculty. Virginia Western students are going to receive a first-class education because of this partnership.”

The agreements stipulate that VWCC will advise students interested in transferring to the Ferrum College Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, or Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies degree programs, to enroll in an approved course curriculum to earn an Associate degree in Agriculture or in Integrated Environmental Studies. In turn, Ferrum College guarantees acceptance of VWCC students who successfully earn the Associate degree in Agriculture or Integrated Environmental Studies. In addition, the agreements ensure that Ferrum College will transfer credit for all VWCC Integrated Environmental Studies and Agriculture courses completed successfully with a grade of “C” or above at the 100-200 level, excluding SDV College Skills Courses, even when the student has not completed the related associate degree.

“Ferrum College and Virginia Western Community College have been partnering for many years to offer students a smooth transition to a four-year institution,” said Ferrum College Provost Aimé Sposato.  “The two new associate’s degrees from Virginia Western offer students a unique opportunity to further their education by enrolling in Agricultural Science or Environmental Science, which are two of our signature programs at Ferrum College.”

The agreements were signed at Virginia Western during a launch event for its new Agriculture Program, which featured guest speakers and supporters such as Virginia Secretary of Agriculture Bettina Ring and Delegate Terry L. Austin.

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