Sergeant J.P. Nolen Speaks With Residents About Home Security and Other Issues

Sgt. J.P. Nolen (seated) with members of “Chestnut Creek Cares”

ROCKY MOUNT – On Tuesday night, March 12th, Investigations Sgt. J. P. Nolen spoke to a group of residents in the Chestnut Creek Sub-Division called “Chestnut Creek Cares.” Nolen spoke on home safety and security, situational awareness and being a neighbor to each other’s well-being. He also spoke on calling 911 and tips to help them report emergencies.

Nolen said, “Since Sheriff Bill Overton took office, he has made a conscientious effort to meet with churches, civic groups, businesses, organizations and so forth about ways to stay safe. It is a topic of great concern and we are pleased to bring this information when asked. It is nice to know that neighborhoods in our county are looking at ways to take care of each other.”

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