Gladys Jeanette Carter

On April 30, 1931 Gladys Jeanette Carter was born into this world, and she began a long life of showing kindness and generosity to so many people. Somehow, she raised 4 kids and managed to babysit for many others all at the same time. There were so many things she did for other people like when she would go to one of her friends’ house and help them with chores or just sit and keep them company. When her sister was suffering with cancer and would have to spend time in the hospital in Roanoke for weeks and sometimes months at the time, she would drive over every day and sit with her for hours. If you were sick, she would even go to the store and buy you a stuffed animal to make you feel better. I still have “George” sitting on my couch at home as a reminder. She also used to make a lot of Brown Sugar Pies and give them out to everyone especially Earl. Mom passed away on March 31st at the age of 90. She was predeceased by her husband Cecil, parents Gilmore and Thelma Jefferson, her siblings Byrd, Carroll, Doris, Peggy and Warren, and her son Mark. Losing her son was one of the worst things she ever had to go through. Her health was already failing and having to bury a child was so hard on her. He gave her a coffee mug when he was in service with the name Hussie on it. That was a nickname given to her by a neighbor and he always made sure to call her by that name. Even though it would make her cry as a reminder of Mark, she used that cup every day to drink her coffee. She leaves behind a daughter, Rhonda and her two children Brad and Kelli. Mark’s daughter Brandi husband Matt and their children Kaylee, Kassidy and Colton. Son Jeff and his two daughters Julia, Emily and husband Francisco and their daughter Averie. Son Leslie and wife Margie, several nieces and nephews, and brothers and sisters in law. There were several people that Mom thought the world of, and one of them was a girl she babysat for many years, Allison. Mom kept her so long that she thought of her as a daughter. Allison, her husband Mark, and their sons Reid and Graham have always been so special to Mom and she will always be our sister. Her son-in-law Terry who loved to pick at her and make her laugh. Marie was her best friend for over 60 years and Mom really enjoyed when she would come over and share a cup of coffee with her. Mitch and Paula used to stop by and bring her food and make her smile. When Wayne and Judy came she knew she would be laughing the whole time they were there. She also had her phone buddies Mary Jane and “Sweetie.” And then there was the lady that made Mom look pretty. We used to go to Sheila’s every Thursday to get her hair done and then when Mom couldn’t go anymore, Sheila would come to the house and fix her hair. Right before she passed, we got Mom to go one more time to Sheila’s and get her hair done. Mom looked so happy that day. We would also like to thank Good Samaritan Hospice for all the help in Mom’s final days. They are some of the nicest people we have ever met. Mom’s health made it where she couldn’t get around very good for the last several years and all of these people and more helped keep her spirits up. Mom didn’t want to go into a nursing home so we kept her at home with some wonderful caretakers.

We would like to thank Sam, Sherrie, Judy, Jessica and Margaret for the great job they did taking care of Mom. Sam was with her the longest. Neither her nor Mom could hear each other very well, so they hollered and fussed and acted like a married couple the way they carried on, but that is how they got along so good for so long. Mom thought the world of all of them. We were lucky to have found such good and caring people tohelp out with her. Towards the end Mom talked a lot about being ready to go and she couldn’t understand why the Lord was keeping her here so long. We told her it was so she could pester her kids more and that usually brought out a smile. Mom’s passing will surely leave an empty space around here, but at least now she can be without all the pain and suffering she was going through the last several years. And maybe now she will get the answers to all those questions she used to ask about people that died before her that we couldn’t answer. Really going to miss you Mom.

Funeral Services will be conducted at Flora Funeral Chapel,3:00 p.m. Sunday, April 3, 2022 with Pastor RG Rowland officiating. Interment  at Franklin Memorial  Park, private on Monday. Her family will receive friends 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Saturday, April 2, 2022 at Flora Funeral Service and Cremation Center, Rocky Mount.