Ferrum College Supports Students & Enhances Community Through Office of Student Life & Engagement

Ferrum College has made some strategic staffing changes to enhance the student experience and promote community engagement. Associate Professor of Psychology and former Dean of the School of Health Professions and Social Sciences Angie Dahl has been named vice president of Student Development and Campus Life. Dahl has master’s degrees in both religion and psychology, an educational specialist degree in school psychology, and a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Utah State University. She brings to the position an understanding of student development, expertise in mental health and trauma, and a passion for Ferrum College and its students.

Former Assistant Dean of Students Vanessa Stone has been named the dean of students. Stone has a master’s degree in human services, executive leadership, and has worked within student affairs at Ferrum College for the last ten years. Dahl shared, “Vanessa understands our students’ needs for safety and connection. She brings this focus and her love for Ferrum to this position.” Vanessa will lead both Residence Life and Student Accountability teams.

Associate Director of Graduate and Online Programs and Transfer Student Coordinator Jill Adams will assume the role of dean of Campus Life and Title IX coordinator. Adams has a master’s degree in human services, health and wellness, and has worked in student affairs throughout her career, most recently as assistant dean and Title IX coordinator at Averett. “Jill has a history of infusing energy into all things Ferrum. She will be focusing on providing opportunities for connection and belonging for all of our Ferrum community and leading up our Title IX response,” said Dahl.

Director of Student Activities Justin Muse ’05 has been named chair of the Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Muse has a master’s degree in human services, executive leadership and has worked with student activities at Ferrum for 14 years. “Justin understands the real need for all members of our community to engage with each other and have meaningful conversations on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation and learn to work together,” said Dahl.

The team’s focus will be to support the Ferrum College community holistically. Dahl shared, “We will center our efforts on supporting student development in multiple dimensions- intellectual, social, spiritual, emotional, and physical, and emphasizing opportunities for connection, understanding and engagement across our community. The pandemic only highlighted the importance of supporting each other and providing opportunities for each member of our community to find purpose, progress in their own development, and ultimately, flourish.”