Wirtz Road Closed, Hundreds Remain Without Power, Following Overnight Crash

WIRTZ – Over 300 people are starting their day without power this morning after a crash on Wirtz Road knocked out power to AEP customers near the intersection of Wirtz Road and Angle Plantation Road, according to AEP and VDOT.

According to Cable 12 media partner Responding Fire, the accident and call happened overnight.

At one point, more than 1,000 were without power, including all of Burnt Chimney. It’s unclear whether or not the larger outage was also due to the accident.

VDOT reports Wirtz Road closed early this morning as of 6 a.m.

There is no word yet of the details of the accident, but we’re working to get information from the Virginia State Police.

Power is expected to be restored by 1:30 p.m. Thursday, according to the AEP website.

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