Six Retire From Franklin Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

FRANKLIN CO. – Recently, the Office of the Sheriff had a wonderful celebration to honor 6 individuals retiring from service.

Sheriff Overton said, “The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and all of our residents have been blessed and well served by these 6 people. Their retirement certainly leaves a void. We honor each of you today, grateful to see your families with you and equally honored to see so many co-workers who have come to support you on this momentous day.”

Sheriff Overton also spoke about each individual, their contributions to our office and wished each of them a long and happy retirement.

Photo shows our 6 retirees L – R:

James Crews – 25 years

Lewis Wimmer – 23 years

Wanda Fralin – 30 years

Jackie Holland – 33 years

Stephanie Mills – 32 years

Tim Mayo – 29 years