Jury Duty Phone Scam Reported Around Franklin Co.

FRANKLIN CO. – Several Franklin County residents have received calls from a scammer advising they have missed jury duty.

Scammer tells resident there is a monetary fine for this and attempts to extort money from the resident.

The resident is asked to purchase gift cards and after purchase, call back and give them the serial number of the gift card to the scammer.

The scammer claims to be a part of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office appears to be using a local number, but in reality is a spoofed number from outside our jurisdiction.

Please remember:

1) No government agency will call you and have you purchase gift cards OR send money to settle an issue with the agency or with your account.

2) No foreign dignitary, trying to escape their country, needs you to send them money in order for them to give you millions.

3) Unless the “van” pulls up at your house with balloons, you did not win The Publisher’s Clearing House contest.

Sheriff Bill Overton says, “Please guard against being a victim of scammers. Don’t fall for the tricks of paying money through gift cards and such. Don’t call them back on the numbers they provide you, just hang up. Search the phone number yourself and call the agency the scammer is claiming to represent if you have any doubt of the call being legit.”

Call the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information at 540-483-3000.