Carilon Loosens Visitation Restrictions

Last week, Carilion announced loosened visitation guidelines for the majority of their hospitals. This week, Carilion Rockbridge Community Hospital, which was the last remaining hospital at the red level (highly restricted visitation), will switch to the yellow level (restricted visitation). That change will go into effect Tuesday, March 9 at 9 a.m. 

“We continue to monitor community spread, and it’s been encouraging to see decreasing trends in the greater Lexington area,” said Greg Madsen, vice president and hospital administrator for Carilion Rockbridge Community Hospital. “Visitation guidelines are being slightly loosened, however, we must all remain vigilant against COVID-19, and I ask the community to keep doing its part to slow the spread.”

The visitation level is assessed weekly based on the level of COVID-19 spread in the immediate community surrounding each hospital.

Generally when at the red level, visitors are not allowed with few exceptions. At the yellow level, visitation is still restricted, but there are a few more exceptions to that rule. Most notably, adult inpatients are now permitted one visitor (18 years or older) per day. (Pediatric inpatients were already permitted two visitors, and that remains the same for yellow level visitation.)

The public may visit to learn more about each level and look up the current level for their local hospital facility.