15 New Firefighters Graduate Franklin Co. Academy with Record 100% Pass Rate

FRANKLIN COUNTY – Fifteen new firefighters graduated Friday night from the #3 Franklin County Fire Academy. The graduates participated in over 160 hours of training. The training included basic firefighter operations, haz-mat, vehicle extrication, and firefighter safety.

The class achieved a 100% pass rate; a first for the academy.

The new graduates and the departments they will be working with are listed below:

Mary Anderson, Franklin Co. Public Safety

Melissa Anderson, Franklin Co. Public Safety

Joseph Brubaker, Callaway Fire

Brandon Buck, Callaway Fire

Elizabeth Cowan, Henry Fire

Jonah Deborde, Cool Branch Fire

Jacob Flora, Glade Hill Fire

Robert Greene, Jr, Boones Mill Fire

Baylor Janney, Boones Mill Fire

Johnathan Lovelace, Rocky Mount Fire

Robert Lynch, Smith Mtn. Lake Fire Boats

Michael Price, Franklin Co. Public Safety

Kelvin Pruitt, Glade Hill Fire

Bandon Spears, Fork Mountain Fire

Michelle West, Franklin County Public Safety