18th Annual Easter Egg Hunt One of Many Events Coming This Spring from Parks & Rec.

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easter-eggs 93905WAID PARK - Another 15,000 eggs will be up for grabs Saturday, March 26. The hunt itself starts at 2 p.m. Kids 12 and under are welcome to hunt. 

There will be five age groups with each ground have their own field to hunt on; 12 and under, 10 and under, 8 and under, 6 and under, and 4 and under. 

By far, the biggest attraction outside of the hunt every year, is the door prize give-away. There are always lots of bikes and toys along with Easter Baskets that are given out after the hunt is over.

"It takes a few hours to put the 15,000 eggs out, but only two minutes to [have kids] pick them up," Sarah Holley said, laughing on Cable 12's Rise and Shine Wednesday.

The Easter Bunny has been known to make an appearance and will likely be on hand at some point to say hello and take a few pictures. Cable 12 will also be along as always!

The Egg Hunt is just one of many events Parks and Rec. has planned as the days get longer and temperatures warm up. Below is a list provided to Cable 12 on the upcoming events.


No Need to Worry About That Trip to the DMV in Westlake March 22

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dmv2goLOGOWESTLAKE - A trip to the DMV can be a bear, depending on how busy the office is. But if you don't like the lines and the waiting at a DMV building out of your way, there is good news coming up at the Franklin Co. Public Library in Westlake.


DMV 2 Go is the mobile DMV wireless office on wheels.  The mobile until lets you  do everything that a normal DMV office can, including applying for or renewing an ID card, driver's license, obtaining a copy of your driving record, applying for certified copies of Virginia birth certificates, updating your address on your DMV record, obtaining a fishing or hunting license and more.


The DMV 2 GO mobile unit will be at Westlake Library on Tuesday, March 22 from 9 a.m.  to 4 p.m


For more informatoin, call 540-483-3098 and press option 2.