Franklin Co. Schools Partner with F.C. to Digitize Broadband Surveys

Written by Jamey Singleton. Posted in News

FRANKLIN CO. – In a groundbreaking initiative, a unique partnership has emerged to seek much needed broadband improvements. The Boards for Franklin County (FC) and Franklin County Public Schools (FCPS) have partnered to digitize paper copies of the broadband needs assessment survey. The survey was sent home with FCPS students and mailed county-wide to collect information from citizens and businesses regarding internet usage, current service, access, and needs. Information gathered from the survey will be used to create the County’s strategic broadband plan. There is mutual interest in ensuring that businesses and citizens have access to more reliable internet service.

“Franklin County Public Schools are proud to be an integral part of this project,” said Dr. Mark Church, Division Superintendent. “We helped distribute the surveys through our students to their families and now our high school students are helping to enter the thousands of responses from our citizens.” FCPS students are the workforce of tomorrow. Improved broadband will reinforce student learning, facilitate job training, and open new opportunities for businesses and non-profits.

“We seek to improve broadband access and reliability at the best value for taxpayers,” said Brent Robertson, County Administrator. “Reliable broadband access is crucial to keeping Franklin County competitive in the 21 st century.”

By working together, FC and FCPS are leveraging resources and expertise to improve quality of life for the citizens.

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