No Need to Worry About That Trip to the DMV in Westlake March 22

Written by Jamey Singleton. Posted in News

dmv2goLOGOWESTLAKE - A trip to the DMV can be a bear, depending on how busy the office is. But if you don't like the lines and the waiting at a DMV building out of your way, there is good news coming up at the Franklin Co. Public Library in Westlake.


DMV 2 Go is the mobile DMV wireless office on wheels.  The mobile until lets you  do everything that a normal DMV office can, including applying for or renewing an ID card, driver's license, obtaining a copy of your driving record, applying for certified copies of Virginia birth certificates, updating your address on your DMV record, obtaining a fishing or hunting license and more.


The DMV 2 GO mobile unit will be at Westlake Library on Tuesday, March 22 from 9 a.m.  to 4 p.m


For more informatoin, call 540-483-3098 and press option 2.


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