Storms Rock Franklin County

Written by Jamey Singleton. Posted in News

shedfireFRANKLIN COUNTY - A day of heat and high humidity lead to highly electric storms Thursday evening across most of Franklin County. The most intense activity developed near Ferrum, where high winds downed numerous trees, according to first responders in the area. Two trees fell on homes in Ferrum.

Gusty winds and heavy rain hit Rocky Mount as the storms moved in from the southwest.

The storms were very electrical with numerous cloud-to-ground lightning strikes along thier paths. 

In Sontag, an outbuilding was struck by lightning and caught fire. The building was storing hay, first resonders said, and appeared to be a total loss Thursday night. 

Earlier in the afternoon, the storms clustered in the New River Valley and led to flooding in Radford and Blacksburg on the Virginia Tech campus, closing many roads.

The storms were caused by a small upper level ripple in the jet stream from the west Thursday afternoon. The air ahead of the ripple was hot and very muggy and essentially fueled the storms, making them more electrical and intense. 

More evening storms are possible Friday, possibly getting in the way of high school football. 

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