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Ian England is the first “Rising Star” on Cable 12.

Our community is blessed with so many so many hard working, talented youth that many times they go unnoticed. Our “Rising Star” will give some local youth well deserved recognition each week.

Ian is a 7th grader at Benjamin Franklin Middle School. Starting in kindergarten he played soccer for several years. Now days lacrosse, football and basketball are his main interests.

“I would like to play everything but there is only so much time, Ian says. “My parents, Paul and Sara England, stress academic excellence, so that comes first," he smiled. “My father is a graduate of Virginia Tech and I want to make good grades and follow in his footsteps.”

Ian is an A/B Honor Roll Student.

“I know I am small in stature but I can use my agility and speed to my advantage. I like figuring out the mental aspects of the game. Before each game I always try to have a quiet moment. I try to clear my head think of the game and say a short prayer," Ian says.

Ian is a member Radford Baptist Church youth group and has been an usher and greeter.

When asked what is his favorite sport Ian says, “ no question its lacrosse. It requires speed, endurance and great eye to hand coordination. You must think ahead and anticipate what is about to happen on the field from moment to moment.”

Ian is a midfielder and does face-offs. He is dedicated to being the best he can be. I interviewed Ian one afternoon after his strength and conditioning session at Benjamin Franklin Middle School.

Ian says, “coach Marvin helps me with my endurance and overall strength, which means lots of lifting and running.” In the off season his
trainer is Carlton Weatherford.

Ian is a hard working young man and has a great future ahead of him.

Oh, by the way Ian said “I always stand for the National Anthem.”

Note: Rising Star is sponsored by Alpine Photography which operates a Full Service photography studio in Franklin County located at 4528 Alean Road near Burnt Chimney. Ph: 540-312-4585.

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