Cable 12 went live on AMC Cablevision on June 1, 1991. We celebrated our 21st birthday in June of 2012. Dean Doyle, Tim Martin & Steve Oakes were the partners that had the vision of a community television station that focused on the many positive highlights of the Franklin County community. They soon got Cable 12 up and running.

Tim Martin was here for 1 year and went back into full time ministry, Dean Doyle was here for around 8 years then moved to Nashville to pursue music dreams . Jamey Singleton did his first weather forecast when Rise & Shine began in January 1994, continued on through high school until he moved on to college to become a meteorologist then went on to Channel 10 (WSLS) in Roanoke – only to come back to Cable 12 in the fall of 2007 and is still 1 of the 4 full time crew.

Kevin Keigley joined our forces in 2000 and remained an integral part of the station, working as a partner until spring of 2008. Richard Shively joined as a partner in 2000 and continues as a partner today.

Kevin Tosh started part time beginning in 2006, graduated from Virginia Tech with a Degree in Communications in 2009 and is here full time now. Kevin plays a huge part in the day-to-day operations of Cable 12, directing our flagship morning show, Rise N’ Shine. Many guests from all over the county and state, some from other parts of the country have appeared on Rise N’ Shine to promote community events, interesting stories, and share in the fun of local, live, community television.

Without volunteers Cable 12 would never have survived. There have been literally thousands of hours volunteered over the years and we still have many volunteers now. Cable 12 is dedicated to bringing positive programming to and about Franklin County. Our current crew consists of Jamey Singleton, Kevin Tosh, Mike Doyle (sales), Steve Oakes, Dick Shoemaker – who has hosted Rise & Shine for over 15 years and still going.

Glenn Lynch, Melvin Clark announced Franklin County High School (FCHS) Basketball for many years, and are most remembered for their 18 years of covering FCHS Football for 18 years,. Many other talented workers add to our local coverage of area sports. Roger Woods has operated cameras, announced baseball, softball, and Ferrum College Football for over 15 years. Derick Woods announced FCHS Football as a sideline announcer and continues to cover FCHS Softball and Basefall as well as Ferrum Football – something he has also done for several years. Cathy Skala hosted a talk “The Back Porch” – a variety program featuring guests and cooking and fun for 10 years.

Our coverage area is wherever Shentel cable runs through Franklin County: In and around Rocky Mount, Boones Mill, Wirtz, Smith Mountain Lake, ( Franklin Co. side of lake), Penhook, (tip of Pittsylvania Co.), Glade Hill, Sontag, and Ferrum. We are in all of the public schools in the Franklin County. Outside of Franklin County, we are presently seen on Shentel Cable in Radford and Wytheville as well.           

Cable 12 serves the community of Franklin County – but our commitment does not stop there. We strive to not only work here, but to actually help build the community we live in by becoming a part of it every day. We thank Franklin County and Rocky Mount for their support over the years, and hope that you’ll tune in everyday to YOUR Neighborhood Network, Cable 12.